Canfield Fair Senior Rep Session

September 26, 2018

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When I first started photography, seniors were my dream clients. They are young and excited for life like no other group of clients, and they are close to my age which means documenting their senior years can also turn into friendships. My rep team is a program that I put together my very first year for a few reasons: partially for marketing purposes so that they can get discounts and reach more seniors, but if I am completely honest, it was more about having something fun for seniors and for me. I wanted my business to be an experience and a relationship, not just a name that took a picture. Having my team is a BLAST as a photographer. These girls get unique sessions no one else gets. They allow me to have styled, creative shoots that I normally would not get the opportunity to have. Unique shoots are not the types of things you put in the yearbook, and a wedding day is not my time to do something different. So with this team, I get to challenge myself and it is blessing to have a group that is willing to help create something amazing, and this year we set the bar ten times higher.

Meet my girls (left to right): Sadie Vogt, Reghan Buie, Morgan Foley, Anna Mshar, and Chasie Vogt

These five have already made this year one for the books, and school just started! Our first group shoot of the year was at the Canfield Fair, which was SO much fun. We decided before the shoot while out for coffee to have a theme with their outfits: white shirts and denim, and what was so cool is how they all had a different look that was perfect for them. Scrunchies, however, were a common style choice, so they are without a doubt a fashion “in.” And while I am not in the pictures, I think it is important to note that I also wore a white shirt and jeans because I wanted to join in on their #squadgoals. They may or may not have laughed at me for that, but hey, I only graduated two years ago, so I am not that uncool – lol!

For most of us, we aren’t full-time models, and taking pictures in front of a large crowd is a little daunting, but the great part about shoots like this, and the girls will agree, is that they are all together, which made it more fun and less terrifying when hundreds of people are walking by staring. They got quite a few whistles too – lol!

Chasie did have to leave for her concert, so getting these shots at the beginning were super important so that she could be in them but enjoy her night as well! Too bad we couldn’t all go to the concert and jump on stage for some pictures, but maybe next year? Just kidding… kind of.

As we were walking around, I was a tad nervous that the vendors were going to get upset that we were taking pictures by their booths and blocking the games, but lucky for us, we got the nicest people who actually let us in their game booth to take pictures and let us use a prize for a prop!! Huge shoutout to them for being so amazing and helpful.

On another note, game booths are a lot smaller than I ever realized, but totally worth me potentially embarrassing myself to get the right angles.

Fun fact: None of them really like cotton candy, including me. But overpriced fluffy sugar is worth it when pictures come out as cute as this! We also were told that we looked like we were doing a clothing campaign. Now THAT would be something.

Now this part of the night was the most fun without a doubt. The girls’ job was just to chill on a horse and look cute, but what is not pictured here is me falling approximately 100 times trying to snap pictures while this ride was moving around in circles. In this picture above, I was falling all over the place and Morgan couldn’t help but laugh at my struggle. I should have had someone tape the whole thing for some laughs!

What is really cool is that some of the girls already knew each other before they found out they were all on the same rep team! I love that I get to reconnect friends, and also help make new ones. I seriously enjoy every second with them, learning about their lives and sharing mine, and goofing around with them.

After what felt like an hour for me, the ride finally stopped so I could stop falling all over the place. I made them stay on longer than we were meant to, but again, the people at the fair are so cool and didn’t yell at us once. They also all have killer straight-faces, which if you know me at all, you know that I cannot last two seconds trying to smirk. Pure talent, I’m telling ya!

After all the running around and hanging out with these five, we finally called it a night.

Oh, I just adore these girls. They have such kind hearts, great style, and true modeling talent. And this is just the first of more styled shoots with them!! Stay tuned to see all their fun ideas!

Bree Thompson Photography

Class of 2019 Senior Reps

Session #1: Canfield Fair

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