for the newly engaged: 

In typical Type A fashion, we put together a wedding day-of packing spreadsheet for our bridal party. After years shooting weddings, we knew all too well that forgetfulness happens way too often, and we not only wanted peace of mind for ourselves, but for our friends who are joyfully standing by us. Taking that pressure off everyone's mind was just one of the many ways we could show our gratitude for our people.

What we realized after our wedding day is that most couples don't set those expectations for their crew. Not because they don't want to, but because they just aren't sure what to put together! And so, we decided that we should give to other bridal parties what we gave ours: Packing Lists!

Inside are four lists:
1. The Bridesmaid's Packing List
2. The Groomsman's Packing List
3. The Bride's Packing List
4. The Groom's Packing List

We wanted to help you serve your bridal party AND serve you by including packing lists for everyone. Now, you can pack knowing you have everything you need. It's just one way you can take a deep breath and keep your mind focused on what really matters and not on whether or not your BFF brought her robe!

Enjoy, friend, and welcome to our little corner of the web!

It started with our own wedding day...

- Hayes & Bree