Class of 2019 Senior Rep: Meet Anna

September 23, 2018

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Have you ever met someone who not only was super beautiful, but his/her personality was so sweet and so kind that you swear they are sunshine? That description is Anna in a nutshell. From the second I met her, she had this warm vibe to her. Yanno, the kind that reminds you a little bit of a Disney princess. She’s just such a light with everything she says and how she acts. Having someone who is a true joy to be around was an AMAZING addition to my senior rep team.

Anna is a student at Cardinal Mooney High School and she found her way to me through several mutual friends, including Morgan Foley, who is also on my rep team. She wanted sunflowers for one of her sessions, which was perfect timing with the blooms at the Experimental Farms at Mill Creek Metroparks in Canfield, Ohio. I was so excited to get to meet her and her mother, and I also got to meet her wonderful friend who she brought with her. I am always happy to have extra people on shoots to help my seniors feel more comfortable and make it more fun! We started off in the cornfields in her adorable denim dress.

We got her in the sunflowers for both outfits, but this one HAD to be full-screen because it is just gorgeous!! Anna was also super patient with me by redoing this walking take for me a few times. It was very worth the couple tries!

I always love pictures in the middle of fields. It takes a dedicated senior to walk into the middle for me, and the effect with it all around is stunning. The Experimental Farms are such an amazing location because of all the different fields they have. You can’t go wrong or run out of options!

The first photo on the left was an action shot while she was spinning in her gorgeous dress. As I explained on my Instagram (you can follow me @breethompsonphotography), I always make my clients spin around if she has brought a long dress because it brings back an innocence we girls have when we are little. There is nothing like spinning around in a dress you feel gorgeous in, and Anna pulled it off perfectly.

The second photo was all Anna’s idea. She was inspired by a photo she saw on Pinterest (which I always recommend my clients find inspiration on), and it was such a cute little photo. I would not have normally thought to put a flower in her hair as a prop in the moment, but it added that perfect touch.

One of my favorites from the entire session has to be the third picture. I love the pond reflecting in the background, and the light was so pretty from golden hour. Speaking of that light, it is in that fourth photo as well, which is huge reason why that one made my favorites list as well.

Holy wow. This last photo is beyond stunning. It was one of the first pictures I edited because I was so excited to see it. My sister, Ashley, who assisted on this shoot, told Anna how beautiful she was because the majority of people cannot pull off this pose at this angle. She is absolutely right! If that would’ve been me at that angle, there would’ve been some extra chins showing. Anna, however, does not have that problem in the slightest. From the gold in her eyes popping to her lovely hair, this not only makes it as my #1 favorite for her session, but one of my favorites I have ever taken. And knowing she has the personality that matches the perfectness of the photo makes it 100x better.

I can’t WAIT to take more photos of this girl throughout her senior year, and to share them with you all. Stay tuned!!

Anna Mshar

Cardinal Mooney High School

Class of 2019 Senior Rep

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