Marriage at it’s Best: Bella & Mark’s Couple Session

September 13, 2018

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Growing up, I always wanted an older sister. Someone to tell my secrets to and get solid advice from knowing she had my best interest at heart. Being the oldest in my family, that was not really a possibility, but God works in super amazing ways, and gave me an older sister in a different way.

Bella Foley is one of my dearest friends, and I have adored her and looked up to her since the day I met her two years ago. She has been a light in my life and a guide for every life struggle, as well as someone to share numerous funny videos and gifs with. She and her incredible husband, Mark, make my life 1000x better, and their marriage is such an amazing guide for young adults like myself to look up to. Getting to photograph them is such an honor for me, and taking them in sunflower fields and cute fields was a perfect fit.

How. Cute. Are. They?! They just make my heart all warm and happy just looking at them. You can feel the love.

Their session took place at Mill Creek Metroparks Experimental Farms in Canfield, Ohio. Though I did not do it on purpose, I will say that the flowers went with their outfits pretty well, don’t you think?

The day before the shoot, I had a vision of this picture exactly with a little picnic basket, and told Bella the idea right away. Since my mom is addicted to buying Longaberger baskets, it was no issue using one last minute. I just think it adds a lot of personality to a session when you add little details like this!

One of the biggest things I have learned from this pair is how valuable quality time is. I love hearing about their date nights or seeing little moments like this when I am around them. They take the time to love each other constantly, in big ways and small ones. From coffee runs to yummy dinners and cuddle moments, these two value each other, and it truly reflected in their shoot.

Kisses are also super important.

Also, LOOK at how gorgeous these photos are. The flowers, the pond background, the outfits, the couple. I’m in love!!

I think couples are one of my favorite things to shoot because there is such a real-life element to them. When it comes to people who love each other the way that these two do, my posing only goes so far. I can set it up as much as I can, but the way couples look at each other and the emotion captured in a picture can’t be posed. Stuff like this is raw and real, and it is the sweetest thing to get to witness – especially when it is your friends in front of the lens.

Bella and Mark, I adore you both for so many things, but the way you love each other is a blessing to everyone you are around, and I am so lucky to get to share what I see with everyone else. Never stop dating your spouse!

Bella & Mark Foley

Couple Mini Session

August 2018

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