Summer Magic: Melina’s Senior Session

August 25, 2018

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Summer is my favorite season for so many reasons: the weather is warm, the outfits are always so cute, the backdrops are super colorful, and everyone is in such a great mood. It is a stress-free time of year, and it is also one of my busiest seasons for my seniors. 

Melina contacted me not too long ago about her summer session, and she was super awesome about every step leading up to her session, which I truly appreciate. Her kind and responsible personality shined through since her first message, and she is exactly the same in person.

Can we also take a second to look at her skin and hair? Both are absolutely flawless. It was a tad windy by the fountain too, which meant both Kristen (my assistant for this shoot) and I had to push her hair back for her a few times to get this gorgeous picture. Her hair is SO soft. The kind that feels like real silk. I should’ve asked her what she uses because I need to get myself some of that! You can tell in her pictures how healthy it is too by how shiny and lovely it is!!

Fun fact about me: I wanted to grow up to be a hair dresser at one point, which is why this was so interesting to me.

Alright, enough raving about her hair and on to more pictures! Lol!

If you’ve read my other blog posts, I’m sure you are aware of my love of light. These two above are exactly the reasons why. I personally think it adds about 1000x more magic to a photo, but Melina’s cute smile and laugh would’ve made any picture magical. That romper is also super adorable, and went perfectly with the flowers at the gardens!

Another example of why light is AMAZING! Look at the gold in this!!!

Melina also said she was not good at modeling in pictures. I very much disagree because she looked adorable in every pose I put her in, just like this one.

For that cute picture on the left of her laughing, Kristen and I were coming up with people she looks like and making a couple jokes. I said she looked like Hannah Meloche (she’s a vlogger if you want to look her up). Comment down below if you think I’m right. 

Melina suggested sunflowers for her shoot, but they do not bloom for a few more weeks, so instead, I did some improvising. We found three HUGE bushes of these pretty yellow flowers, and I honestly think they worked out even cuter than the sunflowers would’ve. She looks adorable in that dress, and I am OBSESSED with the little bow in the back.

The photo on the right was taken right at the end of her shoot, and I am telling you she KILLED it with these outfits. All neutral, all solid colors. Totally my style and I want to have all of them in my closet. They just let complimented her so well, and I couldn’t have been happier with her choices! Seniors, take notes!!

I have been to the Rose Gardens many, many times for senior sessions, but somehow I managed to miss this little spot in the gardens with an entirely different look to it. The light in between the trees is so pretty, and I cannot believe I have missed it all this time. Plus, how well does Melina’s dress look with that backdrop?! I’m certainly in love.

Working with this kind-hearted girl was so much fun, and I am so happy she trusted me to take her photos for her. Summer shoots that turn out like this remind me of why summer is so so great. I hope I can work with her again!!

Melina Amero

Class of 2019

Austintown Fitch High School

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