Acoustic Music and Soccer Games: Matt’s Senior Session

September 16, 2018

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The Beck family has been incredibly special to me for around four years now, and they have become a second family to me in that time. If you know me or have done some snooping around my website, you will have noticed that several members of the family have made it on here. Andrea Beck, my very best friend, is featured in a bunch of my photos, and is also an assistant on my team. Laura Beck (now Herzog), let me photograph her wedding – which was my very first wedding ever, and it is also the first blog post on my site. Jessica Beck (now Ward) and her family have made various appearances on here with their family photos and super-cute kids, Lucy and Liam. But, I was super excited to be photographing Matt because he has always been a little brother for me, and I have watched him grow up from an 8th grader into a senior in high school.

Matt’s session started out on and around the Canfield green. I love the small-town look of it, plus it has both the park and city looks that went with his outfits. How he managed to walk around in a suit and tie is beyond me, because the day of his session was extremely hot, but I give him lots of credit for doing it anyway with no problem.

Matt has always been a man of few words, but when he does have something to say, it is usually pretty funny. That very much applied for his session, which made the entire time super great for all of us. He is also incredibly talented, playing soccer and teaching himself to play the guitar – both electric and acoustic. We made him play a little bit during his session for that picture on the right, and we had to try to guess what he was playing.

One of Matt’s least favorite parts was when I forced him to go to the side of the soccer field, while a scrimmage was playing. We were no where near them and not interfering at all, but he was not a fan of having an audience while his pictures were being taken. I personally think it makes for a super cool shot with players in the background and that golden hour light. We made him laugh a bunch though, telling him everyone would think he was a model.

The picture on the left is so cool to me. I loved the shirt he brought and the brick background made for a pretty neat overall vibe. As per mom’s request, we made sure to get a picture with his letterman’s jacket, and that laugh was completely genuine (see picture on the right)! I am also obsessed with the light behind him in this one.

Of all the pictures we took, this one is without a doubt my favorite. The cool-kid pose he did works for him so well, and I think the outfit with the guitar really reflects his style. We ended his session with some pizza, which I am always excited for, and I think it was a great day to get to capture this little brother of mine’s senior year!

Matt Beck

Canfield High School

Class of 2019

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