Road Trip to CLE: Alyssa Mylonas’s Session

February 8, 2019

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When I meet my clients, my goal is that they are so in love with the experience and know me well enough to trust me over and over again, so when Alyssa contacted me to do her senior session after I had done her sister’s the year before, my heart was super happy! Getting out of Youngstown is always fun for me, and I get to explore new places in other cities, but this time it was to the one and only Cleveland, Ohio!

The Mylonas family is one of the sweetest families I have ever worked with, and I am so lucky to have gotten to know them these past two years. Morgan, Alyssa’s older sister, and my 2018 senior, came home from college for her sister’s session to help with styling her outfits and makeup and hair changes. My cousin, Julia, who was my assistant for this shoot, is BFFs with Morgan and was on Magnificat High School’s rowing team with Alyssa, so this was quite a fun reunion.

We started in their backyard which is up against a beautiful golf course! It was a tad muddy, but Alyssa was all for making it work and getting where she needed to go, and I super appreciate that.

There were loads of these trees on the course, and I was in love with them!! I wish my backyard had these!

If you didn’t know, us photographers have our very own Facebook groups where we share all kinds of info, but this location was one no one could seem to find in Cleveland (or if they did know, they weren’t spilling the beans on the location). So as I was following the Mylonas gals around Cleveland to get to the “bridge,” I was all kinds of excited to see that they had taken me to the mystery location!! It is right by The Flats, in case anyone was wondering. Alyssa walked out in this light grey dress and red shoes with earrings and lipstick to match and I was in LOVE with the choice. Cold as it was, Alyssa stuck through it and looked flawless in all her shots by Lake Erie! I’m telling you, Alyssa is the BOMB! In the picture on the right, Alyssa’s mom said, “WHOA look at the wind blowing her dress just perfectly!!”

I couldn’t agree more!

Fun fact: There are actually two of these signs in Cleveland! The other (and more famous one) is by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but I actually think I prefer this one. There was no one there, so no fighting for time on the sign, and the city and river in the background is absolutely gorgeous. It gets that CLE vibe without the stress of one hundred humans around you.

How this girl has so many beautiful, classy outfits is totally unfair, and I would happily switch places with her any day. For the photo on the left, I turned my camera around for Alyssa to see (which I do quite a lot during my sessions because I want you to be in LOVE with what you’re seeing), and she shrieked because she loved it so much!! In the photo on the right, there were actually a bunch of chords on that wall. If you follow me over on Instagram (which you totally should for behind the scenes:, you may have caught the before and after on my story highlights!! I promised her mama I would get those chords out of there.

With three blonde beauties, I couldn’t go this whole session without snapping a pic of the three of them. They are just the sweetest!! There may or may not have also been some photos of thee girls picking up their mom for fun because we spent their entire session laughing!

Once we got into downtown, Alyssa was getting stares from everyone around her as she modeled around the streets! But who can blame anyone for staring when the girl is this stunning?! A city bus only got in our way about five times during that photo on the right…but it was totally worth the wait – lol!

Now this photo is one of my favorite photos taken to date. I remember coming right home from this shoot and going to Starbucks so I could edit this session. The grace, the darling outfit with looks and a heart to match, and the fun-loving energy of the spin made for the best photo of Alyssa. I only wish she could be a senior for me every year!!

Alyssa Mylonas

Magnificat High School

Class of 2019

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