Golden Summer: Morgan’s Senior Session

August 18, 2018

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Every time I take pictures of Morgan, I can never get over just how beautiful she is. This girl could be an actual model if she wanted to, plus she is just the sweetest! I was just amazed at the results of her senior shoot. That first photo above is one of my top favorites because her eyes are just STUNNING in it. Her mom also joined us for this session, so I finally got to meet her in person, which is awesome since I have gotten to work with both of her incredible daughters. My goodness is she funny! She had us all laughing the entire time!!

These three photos were taken at the very beginning of her session during golden hour. When I do photoshoots, I usually judge how it will go in my head by the first few, and I knew from that first shot (middle picture) that this was going to be just gorgeous. 

We took a bit of a hike to get to the spot for this picture, but I think it was totally worth it. The light in the background was so pretty, and the trees above Morgan framed her so well! 

Morgan did all her own makeup for her sessions, and she does a beautiful job. Her skin looked flawless, and look at that highlight!!

Morgan really fields for her senior session, I had her hop into two different ones. The preserves were just the perfect place for high grass and pretty weeds (yes, I said pretty weeds).

This photo leaves me speechless. She was actually playing with her hair on her own, and I made her do it again because it looked so lovely when she did it. See the other picture (my favorite one) in this spot at the bottom!!

Back when I was in high school (a whole two years ago, I am not that old), I was a cheerleader, so I was all about taking pictures with pom-poms and doing some jumps. We went to Canfield High School for these shots because there was no way YSU would let us into their field where Ursuline actually plays. I just made sure there was no red in any of her shots so in the pictures you’d never know. That picture on the left makes me so happy because I think it’s adorable. She was quite a trooper for that picture as well since I made her do about a thousand flips on the field right before. 

I am going to try to explain my love for this picture, but I am not sure there are enough words to describe that. This photo is just incredible. Morgan is honestly one of the prettiest girls, and the backdrop compliments that so well in this. Obviously everyone else agrees with me too, since it is my most-liked photo on Instagram to date, which makes perfect sense. Having her on rep team is so great, and while this is her senior session, she will be featured several more times on my page throughout the year. I am sure she will only top what we have already taken!!

Morgan Foley

Class of 2019 Senior Rep

Ursuline High School

  1. Donald wem says:

    Increditably beautiful young lady. Your pictures highlight her face perfectly. If I were her dad, I would hire two MMA bodyguards when she is away from home. Excellent photography.

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