Going Back to the Start: Maeli & Reed’s Engagement Session

July 28, 2018

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When it comes to engagement photography, sometimes it takes a while to get those magical photographs. And that makes sense, since showing affection to your significant other in front of someone you just met AND having them watch your every move can be a little daunting, occasionally resulting in awkward photographs until they warm up to me being there. However, this was not one of those couples at all. Maeli and Reed make such an adorable pair and they are INCREDIBLE about posing. I could stick them in any position, and they nailed every pose easily.

We were also SO happy to finally have this shoot because we had been rained out twice already!! There is always a reason though, and the day of the shoot was absolutely perfect weather wise: not too hot or windy.

If you do not already know a little bit about my story, I went to Kent State University my first semester of college, and the experience and professors were what inspired me to become a photographer and follow my dreams. What is so crazy about these two is that their story also starts in this little university town. Maeli and Reed had their very first date walking around downtown Kent, so we were all returning to our beginnings when we decided to have their shoot there.

For the last picture on the right above, I was completely laying down on the ground, which people around us thought was a tad strange, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get just the right angle!

As we were walking around posing, I could hear the college students passing by saying how adorable this pair is and I completely agree with them. They have such a calm presence about them that makes them so elegant yet relaxed. And I was completely obsessed with Maeli’s dress. How stunning!!

The light in these photos above and the ones below is just so gorgeous. I did not know this little park existed in Kent, but I am so glad these two showed me because I was certainly missing out! I also do not think I have ever included this many photos in a blog post, but how could I not when they are all so perfect?

These two photos are so precious. It took a few takes, but the result was so worth it, wouldn’t you agree? The people walking around certainly did because they kept yelling, “Now THAT was a good one, I just know it!!” It’s good to have their support and entertainment – lol.

These next three all have such a magic factor to them.

The one on the left was taken after I told them to just talk to each other. When it comes to my pictures, I prefer a posed moment approach. By that I mean that I control the situation instead of letting my subjects do whatever by setting them in a place I know will work well, but I also want it to look natural and capture a true moment that I didn’t control. This picture, while it was set up with placement and the angle, the laughter there was all them. And from just talking, they were cracking each other up (although I’m sure my awkward angle where I was pressed up against a railing that I potentially could’ve fallen off of helped a tad).

The ring picture is sometimes very difficult to get, especially in the lighting we had because the sparkling can make it hard for the camera to decide what to focus on. However, once I got the perfect one, I could see just how worth it that patience is. The coloring of Reed’s shirt tied in with the warm tones and Maeil’s beautiful nails makes this beautiful ring one to show off for sure.

And as for the one on the right, I am obsessed with that light, if you didn’t guess. They thought their session was over when we walked up the steps, but sometimes I just see something and can’t help but take advantage of the backdrop – this being one of those times.

Out of all the photos, this one is my favorite. It is so clean and effortlessly lovely, but I get to see both their smiling faces. Couples like these two remind me of why I started my career, and how blessed I am to have found it so early in life – right on the very campus we were walking around just two short years ago. The day with these two was so fun, and I hope I get to work with them again!!

Maeli Foley & Reed Johnston

Engagement Session

July 2018

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