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Which Month to Get Married in San Diego

July 5, 2023

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Congratulations!! You’re with the man of your dreams and you’ve decided on where you’ll say, “I do!”: San Diego, California! It’s a pretty great spot if you ask us. After all, we not only got married here ourselves, but now live here together. It’s truly beautiful! Whether you’ve lived here your whole life or are having a destination wedding, here is your run down of each month in San Diego so you can choose the best date for you!

Franciscan Gardens wedding ceremony site in San Juan Capistrano, California.


While San Diego is known for always being sunny, we do have a season that is a little more prone to clouds and rain. From December through March, you’ll see pretty consistent cloud coverage and temperatures that range between 45-60 degrees. From time to time, you’ll see some rain, although it is more common around February. If you want a cooler wedding, this time frame could be for you! Just make sure your venue has a rain plan just in case!


Temperatures start to rise in April, which means flowers are in full bloom! It’s a gorgeous time to get married with all the bright colors and temperate weather, ranging between 60-75 degrees. From time to time, you’ll get the “May Gray” or “June Gloom,” but cloudy days can make for some stunning pictures, and you’ll still catch the sun peaking out a few times per week!


Welcome to San Diego’s gorgeous summer! August being the hottest month, temperatures are known to range from 75-90 degrees. Closer to the beach, it’s a little cooler, while more inland gets hotter as you go towards the desert. Don’t skip the sunscreen this time of year!


This time of year, the weather is still really beautiful, but the temperature is much cooler in the 50-70 degree range. In November, there are more cloudy days along with those lower temperatures, so it’s perfect if you’re wanting that autumn feel without the cold temperatures outside of San Diego! Keep in mind that the more inland you go (and closer to the desert), the cooler it will be.

All in all, San Diego is one of the best places to get married no matter what time of year you choose! From gardens, to beach, to wineries, the options for backdrops are endless. While you run the risk of less optimal weather during certain times of the year, rain and overly chilly days are still pretty rare! We hope this post helped you decide which season is best for your San Diego wedding, and you can find more posts for brides HERE!

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