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Unique Father Daughter Dance Songs

February 20, 2023

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You’ve planned every detail of your wedding except choosing one thing: your father daughter dance song. It seems like a daunting task. After all, how can you choose just one song that describes all the wonderful things about your relationship with your dad? On top of that, you want to choose something unique. Something that will bring tears to his eyes as he twirls you around the dance floor on your wedding day. The song that is not too cheesy and not overplayed.

Trust us, girl! We’ve heard them all. Some wedding seasons, we have had the same song played over six times for each father daughter dance. And while that song choice is special and perfect for them, regardless of it’s popularity, we also have brides that want something different yet meaningful. So we created our top list of Unique Father Daughter Dance Songs that will make sure your reception doesn’t have a dry eye!

Top 10 Unique Father Daughter Dance Songs:

1) One More Day Cover by Music Travel Love

Kings of song covers, Music Travel Love takes songs we know and love and makes them even more beautiful. Soft acoustics turn this originally country tune by Diamond Rio into a ballad that will leave your guests’ eyes blurry from happy tears.

2) Daddy Dance with Me by Krystal Keith

When it comes to father daughter dances, it can be hard to find one from the daughter’s point of view, and “Daddy Dance with Me” is just that. Written for her own wedding reception dance with her dad, Krystal puts the familial love into perfect words.

3) She Thinks She Needs Me by Andy Griggs

Perfect for any bride who grew up really admiring her father, this song explains how much he adores his girl as she looks up to him. It’s so sweet and the perfect tempo to dance as you rest your head on your dad’s shoulder!

4) My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

It’s a classic we all know and love – so it had to be included on the list! While it is used more often than the other songs we included on this list, it never fails to make us tear up as vendors every time we see it, so imagine your guests reactions! If it’s your jam, it get an A+ from us!

5) For My Daughter by Kane Brown

This song tells the story of how a young man who grew up without a dad has a daughter and wants to be everything he never had. The kind of man that scares monsters, dries those first-heartbreak tears, and fight your own battles. It’s heartfelt and tells of breaking familial cycles and loving your daughter with everything you have!

6) Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman

If you dream of spinning around with your daddy on your wedding day with tears in both your eyes, this song is it! It’s classy, whimsical, and tells how special a daddy’s princess will always be to him.

7) Let Them Be Little by Billy Dean

Reminiscing on his child’s young years, Billy sings of encouraging your kids and soaking in the days your child is little because he sees his all grown up. For the dad who will always see his daughter as his little girl, this is a song that will be special to you both forever!

8) Dance with My Daughter by Jason Blaine

This Jason Blaine song is perfect for brides like their mamas. “Before she lets me go, I’ll hold her close.
Caught in this race against time…” is just one of the beautiful lines in this ballad. It’s very in the moment for a father daughter dance!

9) Prettiest Girl in the World by Logan Mize

If your dad is always reminding you of your worth, your beauty, and your strength, “Prettiest Girl in the World” talks all about how in awe a father is of his daughter. It’s a nice length too if you’re both a little nervous to be on the dance floor for a longer song!

10) Diamonds & Daughters by Aaron Watson

Looking for another option that talks about father daughter love and mentions the wedding day? “Diamonds & Daughters” by Aaron Watson sings of the gold he struck in his daughter. The line “Don’t you ever forget that your heart is divine. You belong to the one who made you sparkle and shine,” is perfect for the Christian bride wanting all the pieces of the puzzle to come together in her father daughter dance song!

And with that, those are our top ten favorites for your special dance with your dad! Want to hear more? See our full list of Father Daughter Dance Songs by listening to our Spotify Playlist!

Need First Dance Song Ideas? Read our blog post: 10 Perfect First Dance Songs!

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