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10 Perfect First Dance Songs

February 23, 2021

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When we started looking for our first dance songs for our wedding, we weren’t sure what to pick. Our search bars were consistently filled with, “First Dance Songs Ideas,” but every blog post we found, every article, only offered us song ideas that we’d either heard at every wedding we’d ever been to, or were beautiful love songs that weren’t written for a first dance.

After much digging, we made our own playlist filled with songs we loved for first dances (check out our full playlist here), and we wanted to share our top 10 for First Dance Songs you’ll want to use!

First dance photo of bride and groom during wedding reception at White Rose Barn wedding venue by wedding photographer, Bree Thompson, of Sherr Weddings.

For the Classic Bride:

  1. At Last by Etta James

This classic made our list easily! It tells the story of waiting a lifetime to find the love of your life, and the vocals and music are so romantic that it makes you feel like you’ve been transported to the 1960s – one of our personal favorite eras for love!

2. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Haley Reinhart

We know, you’re thinking, “You just said this is a list of songs that isn’t overused!” and we hear you! However, this is a classic with a twist. Haley’s version offers all the classic of the original version by Elvis Presley, but adds so much romance. Her vocals add something new to this well-known tune, and we had to share it!

For the Modern Bride:

3. Never Stop by SafetySuit

This ballad from a groom to his bride is all about the promises he’s make to her for the rest of their lives, but the promises aren’t all the big ones, they’re the little moments. We love the genuine love in this song and how well it displays marriage as an everyday promise.

4. Forever Like That by Ben Rector

Like the last song, this song is about the everyday of marriage. Ben uses metaphors of nature and music to talk about how he plans to live his life loving his wife. This is the kind of the song you can picture a couple dancing to not just on their wedding day, but on a Monday afternoon in the kitchen.

For the Country Bride:

5. Tuesdays by Jake Scott

When it comes to the perfect first dance songs, this song is exactly what we’re looking for: lyrics of what love is – the messy, the beautiful, and the everyday; all set to a beautiful tune. If it doesn’t warm your heart, we don’t know what will!

6. In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young

This 2017 song is still so sweet almost four years later after its release. Brett’s love song is a confession of all the little ways he’s completely in love with his woman – even if he doesn’t say it all the time. Whether you love country or not, this song is a great choice for a first dance!

7. From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay

Dan + Shay are known for their love songs, especially for their wedding hit – “Speechless.” While we do love that song, we think their song, “From the Ground Up,” is so underrated (and it’s way less commonly used)! It’s the story of a young couple looking up to beloved grandparents who’ve been married their entire lives and promising to be just like them. Building their lives “from the ground up” is a tale of loving through every circumstance and making a life together even after saying, “I do!”

For the Christian Bride:

8. I Get to Love You by Ruelle

This song makes our hearts swoon with it’s sweet melody and lyrics. It reminds us of the choice to love someone no matter what and of a different way to look at love and marriage: a get to instead of a got to. Ruelle’s soft voice feels like velvet and her words make for the perfect first dance song. 10/10 would recommend!

9. Hundred More Years by Francesca Battistelli

For the bride and groom who found each other young or are each others’ first loves, this is the perfect song. It tells of a bride and groom who waited for each other and the excitement of being newlyweds on their wedding day. This song reminds us of sweet, innocent, godly love – something truly beautiful!

10. Unfailing Love by Jimmy Needham

The perfect combination of love between a man and wife and the love of Christ, Jimmy sings a wonderful ballad about how he will love his wife the way God loves us. The lyrics paint biblical imagery in the listener’s mind, and it is a truly wonderful song. If you’re looking for the perfect first dance song to encapsulate faith and new marriage – this is it!

Share this post with a friend or comment down below your wedding first dance song! We’d love to hear what you’ve come up with!

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