Class of 2019 Senior Rep: Meet Sadie

July 7, 2018

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One of the great things about doing what I do at such a young age is that I can connect with the seniors I take pictures of, making my clients my friends as well, and Sadie was a perfect example of that. This hilarious and beautiful soul is part of my Class of 2019 Rep Team, and I am SO excited to be capturing all of her ideas for the year and the sweet person that she is!

From the beginning of the session, we were already cracking up. My sister, Ashley, Sadie, and I all took a trip over to Columbiana, and the whole car ride there, Sadie made us laugh non-stop. It started out a little cloudier than I prefer, but we made it work, and the sun eventually made its way out for us. The picture on the left is one of my favorites because it was a genuine laugh (probably at something weird I did). I also love the light that came in through the field on the right picture. 

The new Firestone Farms shops are too cute, which is why I had to bring Sadie here. It had a small-town city look to it, but had fields all around it to capture a completely different feel. Both her outfits were perfect for this combo. I am also in love with her necklace and I’ve been on a search for one like it ever since!

As the sun was going down, the lighting was gorgeous. We all were running around (literally) crossing streets and running out of the way to get shots like the one on the right. Someone even asked if we were lost and needed a ride – lol! It was so kind of them to offer.

There was a concert about to start in the plaza too, so people were starting to file in as we were about done with her session (left picture). I love that concert idea, and I will probably be back to check that out!

Out of all the pictures we took, this one might be my favorite. The lighting was perfect, and Sadie looks so striking in this shot. I wish I had a straight face like she does!

Looking through this session just makes me so happy not only because of the pretty pictures, but because of all the fun memories behind them. Thank you, Sadie, for making this shoot so fun!! You are like sunshine anywhere you go!

Sadie Vogt

Class of 2019 Senior Rep

Valley Christian High School

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