Class of 2019 Senior Rep: Meet Reghan

July 14, 2018

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How many high school seniors do you know that gets amazing grades (some in a college classroom), lands amazing roles in plays, co-leads a cheer team, AND is a kind soul with a love for Jesus? At least for me, that answer is not too many, but I was lucky enough to find all those things in my adorable senior rep, Reghan.

Before I ever met her, all I heard were glowing things about how wonderful of a person she is, and from the second I met her, I could see exactly what everyone was talking about. She just has such a funny and sweet personality, and has ambition like no one I’ve ever seen. Just wait till you see the ideas she has for this year!

Reghan’s session was so much fun because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. She wanted something different, and that’s exactly what we did. I had never done a shoot by super old buildings or graffiti, but I LOVE how they turned out. It challenged my way of shooting, and my way of editing. It is so good to have someone who pushes me for her shoot.

Some of my favorites from the session are the two above because Reghan has such a cute laugh, and I was so glad that I got it. They reflect her fun energy so well.

I also love this girl’s style!! When she told me she was wearing striped pants, I was super excited because it is so bold, yet so classy. And believe it or not, the three pictures above were all taken at the exact same location, outside an old building that was a hot-spot back in the day for Youngstown next to Budapest Inn. Reghan picked her locations by trying to enccompass the beauty that is left in her home town. It was such a cute little place for a location too, and I am so glad she took me there.

I personally think the one on the right looks like she’s by a beach, which was a super cool look!

After we went around town in her first outfit, she took a change into this stunning pink dress, with a matching lip. I swear this girl can pull off anything!

I took her down to DeYor for two reasons: 1) because I knew that pink would pop against their windows, and 2) because she used to be a Little Rascal’s dancer for Miracle on Easy Street at the same place, and I felt it was only fitting.

I knew that picture above would be one of my favorites from the second I took it. I wish I had a serious face like Reghan does!

But seriously… this girl knows how to work the camera!!! Just look at that!

I decided this one was my favorite because I think it really stands out. The background of downtown Youngstown, her vibrant dress, and her sweet smile all just make her look so so beautiful, and the light pouring in just adds to the whole thing.

Working with this amazing senior is going to be a blast, and I am so lucky to know her and get to capture this whole year for her! Stay tuned to see her other shoot ideas!!

Reghan Buie

Class of 2019 Senior Rep

Valley Christian High School

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