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March 3, 2018

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In my opinion, the only thing more exciting than starting a family is growing a family.  Jessica and Dan Ward recently welcomed their newest son, Liam, into the family, making their three-year-old daughter, Lucy, a big sister! I was super excited to hang out with this newly family-of-four, and document the excitement around the next step in their lives. How cute are those little toes?!

This little dude is one of the most cuddly babies I have ever held and I was super excited to meet him not too long after he was born. He didn’t seem to mind all that much that I was taking pictures of him either, and only cried a tiny bit at the end of the session. Can we just take a moment to look at how blue those eyes are? 

Ring shots aren’t only for weddings!! I got a little creative with the picture on the left because I think it is so important to remember that this little family started all because two people decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Fun fact about the one on the right: It was not posed, and the hand belongs to Liam’s aunt. We were attempting to get him to sleep a little bit and I couldn’t help but capture how cute it was.

Now this munchkin is one of my favorite people on the planet. I’ve known Lucy since she was born as well, since her Aunt Andrea (who was also my assistant for this shoot) has been my best friend for quite a few years now. She is always wanting to play with me and gives some of the best hugs, and since I don’t have a niece of my own, I love getting to play with Lucy. However, when it comes to three-year-olds, sometimes the more comfortable they are, the more silly they are, which means getting a good smiling picture can be a tad tricky. I snapped the picture on the left right before she started the silly faces. This goofball has quite a personality as you can see!

Giving her little brother kisses! I just think this is so adorable. 

Dan is a super funny guy, which means we couldn’t get through 30 seconds without him making a joke or silly comment that made everyone laugh. When I asked him to kiss Jessica, his words were, “Ew gross, I have to kiss her?” It took a few takes to capture because they kept laughing. 

A little moment with mommy(:

The face on the left is the face you get when you say “Lucy, smile pretty!” Cracks me up every time!

The Ward Family just gets cuter with every kid, and I am so lucky to know them and have gotten to take some pictures for them! I can’t wait to watch these little ones grow!

The Wards

January 2018

  1. Linda Rucci says:

    Your moments captured brought tears, real tears. Those are precious moments forever cherished! So heartwarming ❤️

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