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My Team


Meet My Team!

You might meet one of these lovelies on your shoot!


Ashley Thompson – Advertising Model; Lighting & Set Up Assistant

My adorable little sister has become an essential to the business. Ashley has been one of the main faces of Bree Thompson Photography, since she has been letting me take pictures of her since day one. She now works as an advertising model for seasonal giveaways and updates for the company.  She tags along on most shoots, making sure hair and clothes are fixed perfectly, and following clients around with reflectors and blockers to get just the right light for your picture. She brings a fun energy to a shoot to help you feel the most at ease! 

Andrea Beck – Lighting & Set Up Assistant

Shoots with best friends are always a blast, so on some shoots, I take mine with me! Andrea will be sure to make you laugh (most likely by teasing me), and will make sure everything about your look is in tip-top shape. She will also be sure to adjust the lighting in case it gets a little too bright or too dark for you.

Carlie Freeman – Lighting & Set Up Assistant

Sometimes I feel like I need an extra set of eyes with my job, and Carlie fills that void with every shoot she helps me with. As a former photographer herself, she truly understands everything what goes into pictures, and makes my life 100x easier. I love having her fun and friendly personality on shoots with me to keep everyone laughing the entire time, and boost mine and my clients egos as well!

Desirai Shaffer – Lighting & Set Up Assistant

The newest edition of the team is a natural at what she does! She has artist ideas that help me think out of the box, and makes all my clients feel comfortable by getting to know each of them during their shoots. She brings such a calming vibe to the day, which helps everything run super smooth!

Anna Duda – Hair & Makeup Assistant

This ray of sunshine and licensed cosmetologist makes her appearance on shoots, helping to do your hair and makeup, as well as keeping it in check throughout the session. She’s super goofy and a blast to be around, and will make sure your shoot turns out as you imagined!

Kristen Eckman – Lighting & Set Up Assistant

Kristen may as well be my sister since I have known her my entire life, and she brings quite an energy to my shoots. Last year, this gal was on my Class of 2018 Senior Rep Team, and now she helps out with senior shoots, making your experience as fun as hers was!



Some Behind the Scenes moments:

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