Class of 2019 Senior Rep: Meet Chasie

July 21, 2018

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If you don’t know much about me, one of the first things you should know is that I truly love Jesus. And as a Christian, I have grown and learned so much just by those around me. We are told that we can find Jesus in anyone, but I not only see Him in Chasie, I see him radiating through her in all that she does. And because of her faithful and kind soul, her senior rep shoot was incredibly special, and I am so grateful to have her on my team.

Chasie has such a calming presence, and is SO adorable. I was obsessed with her outfit, which she claimed she stole from her sister, Sadie, who is also on my rep team this year. I swear all my reps have this fashion thing down, and I could stand to use some tips from them. Her backdrop, the Poland Library and town hall fit her personality so well because it was so elegant, just like she is.

This picture is hands down one of my favorites I have probably ever taken. Everything is just so magical about it from the backdrop to the light to my beautiful senior laughing in the center. It makes me smile just looking at it. As for the laugh, it was probably over something silly Kristen and Ashley – my two assistants on the shoot – said. I know I was giggling!

It was about this point in the shoot when Chasie shared her love for Jesus. I already knew she had strong faith, as I see her sharing God’s message all over her social media (which is SO AMAZING), but as she started to share how she felt about life and God, I had to sit down from her moving words. She has such a talent for making everyone around her feel comfortable, and you could feel God flowing through her. I wish I had been that wise as a senior.

While I can’t get enough of any of the pictures in this shoot, I do have to say this one would have to be my favorite of her. Her smile is so lovely and kind, and she is just glowing. It just reflects the tone of the shoot so well. 

Listening to this girl speak that day was everything I needed to hear, which leads me to believe that she was meant to be on my rep team this year (that is very cheesy, I know, but I genuinely believe that). She is such a light in my life and in everyone else’s, and I cannot wait to see what she continues to do with her gifts this year. And I’ll be following her along with my camera every step of the way!


Chasie Vogt

Class of 2019 Senior Rep

Valley Christian High School

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