The Minishoot Series: Marissa & Marisa

January 19, 2018

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No you did not read that incorrectly – these two friends really do have the same name (except for one -s)!  From their personalities that balance each other out so well, to their openness to any ideas I had, Marissa Yourstowsky (left) and Marisa Riccardi (right) made their shoot such a fun time! 

If you read my last blog on Rose & Katie’s minishoot (which you totally should because they both were super beautiful, just like these two above), you know exactly how freezing that day was, and a few hours later that same day, the weather was certainly not any warmer. Luckily, I did learn from that first photoshoot, and had four pairs of socks on, three pairs of gloves, and two pairs of pants, keeping myself and Ashley (my assistant for the day) warmer for longer. So in my marshmallow-shaped outfit (and what a flattering look that was…lol), I was ready to take these two to a magical little field I had actually never used for a shoot before. With fences, wide open spaces, and a forest off in the distance, it made for an amazing location. 

I think the coolest thing about this field was that you could clearly see the change between fall and winter. The light blanket of snow and ice combined with the last of the crops/weeds/I-don’t-actually-know-what-they’re-called made for such a different backdrop than anything I had seen. There is just such a great contrast between everything and I could not get enough of it. These two also took their coats off for these first few shots (which we all realized was too cold for anyone to handle). This was their idea not mine, but I do love the different colors. If you wondered why they were laughing, it was because they were both shaking so much from the cold and we couldn’t get Marissa Yourstowsky’s (pictured right here) hair to stay in one place for longer than a half second. 

Let’s just talk about these two and how cute they both are!! From Marissa’s hair (right), and Marisa’s eyes (left), I just adore both of these photographs. 

Fun fact: These two go to rival high schools: Canfield and Poland!

While walking further and further down the trail, we saw a GIANT piece of ice. There was no real way around it without going through a patch of thorns, so we decided ice skating was the best option. They were having too much fun together not to take a picture of them! 

How magical does this snow look?! While their hands were freezing, I would say the outcome was totally worth it!

And lastly, my favorite picture from the entire shoot. Everything about it is stunning to me. The golden colors, the deep contrast, the gorgeous faces, and the cute outfits. What’s not to love? 

I am so so happy to have gotten to work with two girls with such energy and excitement. They made me so thankful to have the job that I do – to be a fun activity that gives them self-confidence and memories to keep when it’s all said and done!

Marissa & Marisa

December 2017

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