The Minishoot Series: Rose and Katie

January 12, 2018

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Winter break is for family functions, hanging out with friends, or in this case, photoshoots. Rose and Katie are two Canfield High School sophomores, and super adorable (and not to mention GORGEOUS) best friends. The energy they bounce off of each other is so fun-loving and warm, making my time with them a blast. The snow had just fallen the night before, leaving a brand new blanket of white for the backdrop. But, as most of us who live in the north-eastern part of the US know, the weather around here has been insanely cold. It’s the type of weather that makes you concerned your fingers are falling off after any activity outside for more than two minutes. These two were up for it, however, and stuck out the cold for their mini session. 

They are both just stunning and their personalities are just as beautiful as they are. I felt so bad with the weather because they were both shaking during these shots from the cold. None of us could feel our toes or fingers at this point. 

I think both of these pictures are too cute! The laughter in the one to the left was so genuine, and I was so happy I caught it. The second one had the prettiest light in the trees, making for such a great background. Not to mention I adore Rose’s hat! 

When it comes to pictures, I always love to focus on the eyes, but for this picture, I took it to another level. These two had the such beautiful eyes and kind smiles that I could not pass up this opportunity! 

By the end of the session, I was genuinely worried about Rose’s hands because she has forgotten her gloves! We decided that it was time to return to the warm car and be finished. I am so grateful for their patience and cooperation in the freezing cold, and I hope I get to work with these two sweet gals again!

Rose & Katie

December 2017

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